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I published my first book, SoLoMo Success, in early 2014. And, I have currently three book projects in the works, Operating on Open Source, Google Your Small Business and Productivity: A New Horizon of Focus.

  • SoLoMo SuccessSoLoMo Success is a strategy guide for Small Business owners and entrepreneurs to learn the practical process for dominating Local, Social and Mobile Media marketing (available in paperback, on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook).
  • Operating on Open Source is an explanation of why free, libre and open source software (“FLOSS”) is important to Small Business, what FLOSS is available for business, and how to utilize them for greater competitive advantage and functionality in management and operations. (coming in late 2015)
  • Google Your Small Business is a strategy plus how-to guide for a Small Business owner to take advantage of Google’s 500 and counting free or low-costs products for marketing and managing their business. (coming in 2016)
  • Productivity: A New Horizon of Focus (working title) covers the seven life “fitness” categories and their relationship to productivity. (coming in 2016 also)

I’ll keep you posted on all my books’ progress here!