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I have many activities when it comes to personal productivity. I’m sharing the links below to each of them; if you’re interested in a more productive, fulfilled life, I’m sure that one of these activities will be fruitful for you to check out! Here’s to your productive life!


ProdPod, a podcast of productivity lessons in two minutes or less

As an avid GTD (Getting Things Done) practitioner, I started a podcast that was two minutes in length (vis-a-vis the “two minute rule”). This way, whenever you saw new podcasts episodes, you’d listen to it right now because it was only two minutes. I cover productivity principles, the science of productivity, two-minute productivity book summaries, and more.


Productivity Book Group

Productivity Book Group is a virtual, personal productivity book discussion club. All are invited to read and discuss these personal productivity and related books with the group!


#ProdChat, a weekly #productivity Twitter conversation

Productivity Chat, or #ProdChat, is an hourlong Twitter conversation for productivity enthusiasts and those looking to improve their personal productivity to engage in topical dialog to share, learn and connect with one another every Wednesday at 8PM ET / 5PM PT. View archives.



Two Minute Rule, a Productivity Blog

A blog about personal productivity and bunches of good, related stuff for getting more out of life, what I call the “psychology of fulfillment.” I write, publish my podcast and YouTube feeds, my posts to my Google+ Productivity collection, answer your questions, get other GTDers to write about their GTD experiences, and more.