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#ProdChat, the weekly #productivity tweetchat

What is #ProdChat?

#ProdChat, the weekly #productivity chat on TwitterProductivity Chat, or #ProdChat, is an hour-long Twitter conversation (“tweetchat”) for productivity enthusiasts and those looking to improve their personal productivity to engage in topical dialog to share, learn and connect with one another every Wednesday at 8PM ET / 5PM PT. Participants interact using Twitter, which means you’ll need a Twitter user account/profile (free) and, if you want, a Twitter chat tool to follow along with the flow of tweets (so see below for recommendations).

The past tweetchat transcripts are archived. (For a few months in 2014, we started putting discussion questions and related resources here, but now if there are any related resources, they will now appear on the same page with the transcript slideshow.)

We have a different topic every Wednesday at 8PM ET / 5PM PT, so you can set in on repeat in your calendar and join us!

Date Host Topic
1/3/18 rsidneysmith SKIP – The Maker and Manager Schedule
1/10/18 rsidneysmith SKIP
1/17/18 GUEST SKIP
1/24/18 rsidneysmith Productivity Toolbox: Document Automation and Assembly
1/31/18 rsidneysmith Does Workplace Flexibility Help or Hurt Productivity?
2/7/18 rsidneysmith Seasons of Productivity
2/14/18 rsidneysmith
Productivity Toolbox: iCloud, Google, Microsoft and Zoho — The New Web-based Productivity Suites
2/21/18 GUEST Productive Vacations
2/28/18 rsidneysmith Future of Work and Productivity
3/7/18 rsidneysmith Agile Productivity
3/14/18 rsidneysmith Mental Productivity Exercises
3/21/18 GUEST
3/28/18 rsidneysmith Positive and Negative Self-Speak, and Your Productivity
4/4/18 rsidneysmith Increase Your Productivity on Your Commute
4/11/18 rsidneysmith When the Going Gets Tough
4/18/18 GUEST
4/25/18 rsidneysmith When To Do Mindless Work
5/2/18 rsidneysmith Productivity and Parenting
5/9/18 rsidneysmith How Many Hours Should You Work Per Day?
5/16/18 GUEST
5/23/18 rsidneysmith How Do You Measure Your Productivity?
5/30/18 rsidneysmith Upsides and Downsides to Workflow Automation
6/6/18 rsidneysmith The Power of Simplicity in Productivity
6/13/18 rsidneysmith Getting Better at Mobile Productivity
6/20/18 GUEST
6/27/18 rsidneysmith Sleep and Productivity

I’m your host, Ray Sidney-Smith; you can follow me on Twitter @rsidneysmith to keep notified of #ProdChat, as well as learn more about my love of all things productivity here. My regular guest host is  Natalie M. Houston (productivity coach/consultant, regular contributor to the ProfHacker blog, and associate professor of Digital Humanities and Literature at the University of Massachusetts Lowell) on the third Wednesdays of the month (which is when I’m hosting and facilitating Getting Things Done DC Meetup).

Thanks to Augusto Pinaud (productivity expert and author of #iPadOnly, 25 Productivity Tips, 4:00 A.M. A Productivity Argument, and No), Kenna Griffin (productivity enthusiast, and professor at University of Oklahoma City), Dr. Frank Buck (retired principal and time management speaker and consultant for educators), and Natalie for guest-hosting #ProdChat throughout the years!

The focus of #ProdChat is to facilitate building productive habits by helping individuals share their experiences and knowledge about what creates a fulfilling life. We have a specific productivity topic (or expert with a topic) for every chat switching between challenges, successes and contemporary issues that are pertinent to any person looking to achieve more and feel fulfilled in life and work.

As said earlier, you do need a Twitter user account/profile so click the link in order to join us in the conversation.

Twitter Chat Tool Recommendations

There are many Web-based services and desktop software that help you manage the Twitter stream during the tweetchat conversation. Here are a few we recommend:

  1. — You sign in using your Twitter account username and password. Web-based. Free. It adds the #ProdChat hashtag for you. BEGINNER
  2. Twubs — You sign up by creating your own username and password, then you have to make sure to login via Twitter. Web-based. Free.It adds the #ProdChat hashtag for you. BEGINNER
  3. TweetGrid — You sign in using your Twitter account username and password. Web-based. Free. INTERMEDIATE
  4. Tweetdeck — You download and install the software on your computer/laptop, create a username/profile, log into your Twitter account. Desktop. Free. (Owned by Twitter.) ADVANCED
  5. HootSuite — You create a user account on their website, set up your Twitter account in HootSuite. Web-based/Mobile. Free (up to one user/one Social Media profile per network/service). BUSINESS/ADVANCED

Again, information on the topic for each chat can be found by following @rsidneysmith on Twitter; however, you can also search (“filter”) Twitter for the hashtag #prodchat (or just click on that link!) to see what’s happening in the stream.

For information on how to participate in #prodchat, please feel free to reach out via @rsidneysmith or contact me.

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