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Productivity Tools Mind Map

Productivity Tools

There are so many task and project management tools and software coming out on the market, and that’s great, but what about the productivity tools helping you manage the rest of your productive life? Therefore, I decided to assemble my Productivity Toolbelt (coming soon) so I could manage my system in a more trusted way by committing to these tools. In doing so, I realized that there were so many other tools that I have heard about, tested, or used in the past that could help others.

And so, here is a master collection of those productivity tools that cover a wide range of categories for planning, brainstorming, organizing, reviewing, storing/archiving, capturing and engaging activities: calendars, mindmapping, email, communications, weather, shopping, entertainment management, reading / bookmarking, writing, scanning, file collaboration/sharing and storage, software dev, social media management, health/fitness, newsreading, and more. As I learn about new productivity tools, I will update the Productivity Tools Mind Map.

Comment with new tools and I’ll check them out to see if they should be added.

Note: Use the toggle button circled in red below to pull the mind map into its highest categories for ease of browsing. Start from there and it should be easier to see what’s in the mind map.

If you’d like to see the mind map in full-screen mode, visit here and you can do so.


  1. Looks great. I’ll have a better look this weekend.



    • Ray Ray

      Great, Marc! It’s a work in progress as you’ll see, so feedback on the best productivity tools to add are appreciated! ^R

    • Ray Ray

      Added, James! The GTDers are excited to have you speak also!

  2. Hi Ray,

    This is great.
    Sunrise calendar is now available on the Mac
    Apple Calendar on the Mac
    Outlook should be listed under Calendars
    Cheddar is a very simple but elegant to do list on multiple platforms (
    ClearContext is a full featured Outlook GTD plugin
    Deezer is a music app across platforms, sort of like Spotify (different approach to interface) that pays musicians about 50% more than Spotify (which is to say 50% more than almost nothing) with a freemium business model (
    Scrivener is a writing app on the Mac.
    Microsoft Word is definitely a writing app.
    Apple Pages is a writing app.
    Evernote seems to me to also fit in the File/Document Collaboration space.
    Microsoft OneNote also fits in the File/Document Collaboration space
    TweetDeck falls into Social Media
    Paprika for Food/Nutrition (menu planner, recipe manager, shopping list with nutrition info)
    MyFitnessPan for Food/Nutrition and Fitness
    FitBit for Fitness and Sleep Cycle and Food/Nutrition (though better to use the integration with MyFitnessPal for food)
    WebMD and Microsoft HealthVault for Health
    Health (iOS) for Health
    Yast for time tracking
    Google Maps for maps and directions
    Maps (Mac, iOS) for maps and directions
    GateGuru for travel
    B4UBoard for travel
    Lift has been renamed to
    MacJournal for journaling
    I think a new category for Blogging is needed
    MacJournal for Blogging
    MarsEdit for Blogging and iOS for Blogging
    Blogger for blogging
    Google+ for Social Media
    Facebook for Social Media
    Google Hangouts for Communications
    Microsoft Lync and Lync Enterprise Voice for Communications
    FaceTime for Communications
    Skype for Communications
    Mac Messages for Communications
    SMS for Communications
    Cell phones, land lines for communications

    OK, that’s enough for now off the top of my head!


    • Ray Ray

      Thanks for the list, macbikegeek! This is going to take a bit of time to parse through! :-)

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