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Evernote Training and Resources

Evernote logoAre you thinking about ways to organize your professional and/or personal life digitally? Evernote is an ever-ready, note-taking application for your computer, phone and tablet. This enables to you not only capture information rapidly as it comes to you in virtually any format, but also recall it when you need it.

From receipts to websites and recipes you’ve found online to a PDF eBook you’re reading for a project, it can all be captured into Evernote, the world’s most versatile and extensible note-taking software thanks to its robust integrations in the App Center. A new productivity workflow using Evernote can be amazing for getting a hold on your paper management and moving toward a less-papered lifestyle.

You can find me in the Evernote Discussion forum helping users, voting on new features or bug requests, and reporting bugs there as I find them to help improve Evernote for all users.

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Resources and Articles

Evernote – The Power of the Extended Mind

A Workday in my Life with Evernote

Getting Things Done Virtual Study Group – “Episode 099 – Evernote All-Star Panel Discussion” (April 12, 2013):

If you listen to nothing else in this panel, listen to approximately 14:40 – 15:40 where I define Evernote and give a potent piece of advice when approaching a tool like Evernote.

Evernote Training

Evernote Certified Consultant Ray Sidney-Smith (Certificate 2015-2017)

I’ve been an Evernote power user since 2009 and became an Evernote Certified Consultant in 2015 to help professionals, executives, and business owners invest in Evernote as a productivity and organization tool in their work lives. Do you need help? Please contact me, or schedule a time to speak by phone/Skype, and we can have a conversation about your Evernote training needs.