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#ProdChat – 07/09/14 – Language Learning Productivity

Welcome to #ProdChat, the weekly #productivity conversation! | Today’s Topic: Language Learning Productivity.

We all learned to speak our native language as children, and yet most find it so difficult to learn additional languages as adults. #prodchat

Let’s try to tackle the ages old conundrum of language learning productivity today on #prodchat!

So, let’s start with introductions! In a tweet, introduce yourself, and are you interested in learning another language, and why? #prodchat

Q1: How should you approach language learning? Where do you start? #prodchat

Q2: How do you find time to learn and study a language? #prodchat

Q3: How do you find resources and tools for language learning? #prodchat

Q4: What tools are available for learning language vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation? #prodchat

Q5: Where can we practice our newly-learned language skills? #prodchat

Q6: What are some tangential productivity benefits to learning new languages? #prodchat

Thanks #productivity enthusiasts for today’s #ProdChat! Join us again next week! Check out the transcript tomorrow!

Next week on #ProdChat: “Coffee & Productivity” with @artgelwicks guest-hosting! Join us; please retweet!

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