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#ProdChat – 07/17/2013 – #iPadOnly

#ProdChat – 07/17/2013 – #iPadOnly

We discussed for this #ProdChat the new book by Augusto Pinaud and Michael Sliwinski, #iPadOnly!

  1. It’s Wednesday…and that means #ProdChat! We have our very own @apinaud discussing his new book, #iPadOnly! Join us at 8pm ET!
  2. @rsidneysmith Hello #ProdChat. Thanks for having me back (love this hour on Twitter)
  3. @profkrg nice! Next time let me know, I know how to carry luggage if you need any help ;) #ProdChat
  4. So, let’s start with intro’s and get to discussing #iPadOnly! In a tweet, tell us about you. #prodchat
  6. @rsidneysmith iPads only? You mean I’m not welcome with my Galaxy Tab? *sniffs* *pouts* #prodchat
  7. My name is Augusto Pinaud. I am an international Best Seller Author and Public Speaker. #ProdChat
  8. Tonight we will talk about my latest book #iPadOnly that I co-wrote with @MSliwinski #ProdChat
  9. @rsidneysmith I love my tablet but for production and efficiency in writing, composing, editing I rely on my laptop. #prodchat A1
  10. A1.1 We write #iPadOnly to tell our stories. I have work like that since 2011 and @MSliwinski since 2012 #ProdChat
  12. A1.2 We believe that you work better #iPadOnly than a regular PC. The problem is that you need to change your own working paradigm #prodchat
  13. A1.3 We did a video as part of he book in which we talk about why we are more productive in the iPad. PrProdChat
  14. @LoisMarketing said: “…for production and efficiency… I use my laptop”

    I have found exactly the opposite

  15. My twitter apps are acting tonight. I can’t view any of my mentions or the apps will crash #ssmallbizchat#wwjchat#pprodchat
  16. I appreciate how using my tab is helping me appreciate cloud as well as become more proficient w touchscreen, other functionality #prodchat
  17. A2.1 Do you remember what people believe about using credit cards online on the 90s? That’s what people feel about the cloud today #ProdChat
  18. A2.2 The cloud is key on my setup. I have a lot of stuff on Dropbox and use heavily iCloud #ProdChat
  19. @apinaud I write and edit copy, transcripts, etc. plus do design work, web development. Laptop best for me #prodchat @rsidneysmith
  20. A2.3 We also did a video talking about the cloud and the importance that you can watch later PrProdChat
  21. I love the cloud! “@apinaud: A2.2 The cloud is key on my setup. I have a lot of stuff on Dropbox and use heavily iCloud #ProdChat
  22. @apinaud Not to say I will not shift to tablet once it has more functionality — I look forward to that day! :) #prodchat @rsidneysmith
  23. @apinaud The days and times I shift full focus to social media management for clients it’s the tablet all the way! #prodchat @rsidneysmith
  24. I brought my daughter’s iPad Mini on this trip to see if I like it before purchasing one. Love it! #prodchat
  25. Evryone need to fnd the dvice that fits better. Just be with the “Because I can” syndrome

    @profkrg @LoisMarketing @rsidneysmith #ProdChat

  26. @apinaud Agreed — there’s not one “right” answer. There’s the “right for you” answer. #prodchat @profkrg @rsidneysmith
  27. @profkrg I got a mini for testing, and never put it down again #ProdChat
  29. Sometimes we keep our way to do things “because we can” not because it is the most productive We need to be vigilant #ProdChat
  30. A3 On the old Laptops was Battery & Weight the most important considerations. Going #iPadOnly is more really Screen Size vs Weight #ProdChat
  31. A3.3 I pick the Mini, I love my iPad Mini while @MSliwinski did the standard #ProdChat
  32. @apinaud I didn’t use my first iPad. It was too small for writing but too clunky to carry in my handbag. The Mini solves that! #prodchat
  33. @Grama000 It is because you do something that doesn’t work or because you want to do it only on a certain way? #ProdChat
  34. @apinaud the only problem is that I can’t teach long classes from the iPad. The battery goes dead. #prodchat
  35. @profkrg mini should solve both. I type on the screen on the mini without any issues and fast enough #ProdChat
  36. @profkrg you do more than 10 hour lessons? not sure I understood that
  37. Productivity Book Group: SAT JULY 20th, 12ET! Join us to discuss THE FRONT NINE by and WITH @mikevardy! prodchat
  38. I find a standard size tablet is best for me. Better screen views, easier keyboard functionality #prodchat
  39. @apinaud 3.5 hr class with multimedia presentations on the projector. You can plug in charger and projector simultaneously. #prodchat
  40. @apinaud I have Samsung Galaxy Tab and Kindle Fire. Enjoy certain things about each! #prodchat @MSliwinski
  41. Great Book! “@rsidneysmith: PBG: SAT JUL 20, 12ET! Join us to dscss THE FRONT NINE by and WITH @mikevardy! prodchat
  42. @apinaud I am about to shop for a new laptop — thinking it will be my last one! Tablets after! #prodchat @MSliwinski
  43. Sorry I am late for #prodchat. I was being productive and doing my laundry
  44. @profkrg 3.5 hrs of Multimedia should be no problem. If your projector had an HDMI can connect using an aTV & you are wireless #ProdChat
  45. @LoisMarketing If you have a chance check the book before… that may be the last one ;) #ProdChat
  46. @LoisMarketing @apinaud @MSliwinski laptops are good if your produce a lot of content but tablets are better for consumption #prodchat
  47. Q4: WHAT ARE YOU FAVORITE APPS ON THE iPAD? (i.e., iOS for iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone!) #iPadOnly #prodchat
  48. @tburgess57 @LoisMarketing I have written 9 books on the iPad, coach and consult with it. @MSliwinski run @nozbe with it #ProdChat
  49. A4 You want a long list. We mention a lot of apps on the book. I write on @bywordapp and that sync with @Dropbox #ProdChat
  50. @apinaud @LoisMarketing @MSliwinski @nozbe for tasks like programming or photo/video editing a laptop (even desktop) is better #prodchat
  51. A4.5 We cover on the book Browsing, Reading, email, File Management, Blogging, MindMaping, Social Media, Office Type Apps and more #ProdChat
  52. @apinaud I love Evernote and @instapaper on iPad. It is wonderful for reading. Beautiful interface. #prodchat
  53. @tburgess57 @LoisMarketing @MSliwinski Again, each one need to pick their favorite Careful not to confuse better with comfortable #ProdChat
  54. @apinaud Hmm… I’m usually using straight to the projector. We should discuss. Maybe you can give me some tips. #prodchat
  56. Thanks for your insight and for chatting with us, @apinaud. I have to teach now! #ProdChat
  57. A5 Have u notice that we are trned to NEED a keyboard? When u go #iPadOnly you discover how nice is that the Keyboard is Optional #ProdChat
  58. A5.2 I can grab my iPad and be super productive anywhere. Nothing else need it. Did I mention that I can do that for over 8 hours? #ProdChat
  59. @LoisMarketing @tburgess57 @MSliwinski I learn to type fast on the screen with an app called @TapTyping I can recommend it enough #ProdChat
  60. @apinaud this reminds me of a interface design course I took in computer science #prodchat
  61. @apinaud the reason keyboards work is they provide tactile feedback which humans respond better to #prodchat
  62. @tburgess57 It may be. Our work has show that people is more trained to use them than what they really need to use them #ProdChat
  63. @profkrg Enjoy class. Let’s talk when you get back in the US. #ProdChat
  64. Q6: WITH #iPadOnly, WHERE DOES YOUR SMARTPHONE (LIKE iPhone, Android OR BlackBerry) FIT INTO YOUR #PRODUCTIVITY? #prodchat
  65. A6 The iPhone complement really well the iPad. They create the perfect storm #ProdChat
  66. A6.2 We discuss about this ecosystem on the book, but also in this YouTube Video it is part of the book: jUProdChatdChat
  67. A6.3 I think you should use the same ammunition. If you like Android, use everything Android, or blackberry or Apple #ProdChat
  68. @apinaud I don’t mean to be a pain but you are preaching to the unconverted here #prodchat
  69. A6.4 I happen to think that the stronger one is Apple right now, but feel free to use the one that suit you better #ProdChat
  70. @tburgess57 the other way around, if you think Android is better, it is better for you. #ProdChat
  71. @tburgess57 Thx! Will have to join next week. I’ve been out on date night. :) #ProdChat
  72. @apinaud I am just a Linux geek and have been since 1994. It’s why I like Android #prodchat
  73. @tburgess57 but like one of the review ask: “I do wonder though, for all my Nexus and Note fans… #ProdChat
  74. @tburgess57 “… whether you believe you can go Android tablet only.” #ProdChat

    I wonder too ;)

  75. @apinaud I like desktops but only because I have been on them for 30+ years #prodchat
  76. @tburgess57 I don’t like desktops. but Been running from them since the mid 90s #ProdChat
  77. Thanks for the opportunity tonight #ProdChat. You can find more information about our book #iPadOnly on ProdChat
  78. The #iPadOnly book is more than 220 pages of information and over 30 videos. Go grab a cup of coffee and enjoy #ProdChat
  79. @apinaud And thank YOU for the insights!Following now and look forward to chatting more. #iPadOnly #ProdChat

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