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#ProdChat – 07/23/14 – Productivity Challenges

Topic: What Productive People Do in the Evening.

On July 23, 2014, #ProdChat launched a monthly series called “Productivity Challenges,” where we ask productivity enthusiasts to tell us their current productivity challenges. We try to tackle and give our fellow productivityists suggestions and solutions in that #ProdChat. Below are the questions that were asked during the discussion and above is the slideshow of the discussion if you’d like to review the conversation. Enjoy!

Q1: How do you maintain productivity during times of transition and distraction? (Thanks to @haldauthor for the question!)

Q2: How do you regain/maintain motivation and momentum? (Thanks to @cooperjohnj and clarification by @artgelwicks for this question!)

Q3: How do you balance family schedules, with kids, sports, spouse and self? (Thanks to @profkrg for this one!)

Q4: How do people handle the Back-to-School (BTS) transition? (Again, thanks to @profkrg!)

Q5: When traveling/moving how do you carve out time to work without distractions? (Thanks to @cherylmarquez for asking this question!)

Great questions and I look forward to next week on #ProdChat and our next “Productivity Challenge” hour next month!

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