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#ProdChat – 09/03/14 – Managing the Micro-Project

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#ProdChat – 09/03/14 – Managing the Micro-Project

Welcome to #ProdChat, the weekly #productivity conversation! | Today’s Topic: Managing the Micro-Project.

Some projects are more than one step, but fast-paced or brief. How do you manage the micro-project is today’s discussion on #ProdChat!

So, let’s start with introductions! In a tweet, introduce yourself. What’s your #productivity success of the past week? #prodchat

Please add #prodchat to tweets. Questions will come as Q1, Q2, Q3. Answer A1, A2, A3, for readability!

Q1: How would/do you define a micro-project (a/k/a small projects)? #prodchat

Q2: How often do you manage micro-projects daily, weekly, or monthly? And, how do you currently do so? #prodchat

Q3: How do you plan and execute micro-projects (accounting for time, cost, team, work, schedule, communication)? #prodchat

Q4: How do you keep track of progress (metrics and course correction) in micro-projects? #prodchat

Q5: Micro-projects can suffer from scope creep, de-prioritization, etc. How do you keep focus on the goal of a micro-project? #prodchat

Q6: What happens when you finish a micro-project? How do you tie up loose ends? Celebrate? Reward? #prodchat

Thanks #productivity enthusiasts for today’s #ProdChat! Join us again next week! Check out the transcript tomorrow!

Next week (9/10 – 8pm ET) on #ProdChat: “Kanban Productivity” Join us; please retweet!

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