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#ProdChat – 11/12/14 – Effective Public Speaking

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#ProdChat – 11/12/14 – Effective Public Speaking

On November 12, 2014, #ProdChat discussed the topic, Effective Public Speaking, covering how to not only become a better public speaker but also the tools, strategies and techniques to do it faster and easier. Everyone has to work hard (and some harder) to deliver a great presentation, but it was a consensus that good planning and practice were fundamental to public speaking with impact. Watch the slideshow to see what the productivity enthusiasts on #ProdChat had to say about effective public speaking. Enjoy!

You can find the “story” layout of this tweetchat here.

Here are the questions for the “Effective Public Speaking” chat:

  • Q1: Define public speaking for yourself. When are you using your public speaking skills? #prodchat
  • Q2: Where do you feel most people struggle with public speaking? #prodchat
  • Q3: What helps you establish credibility and authority in public speaking? #prodchat
  • Q4: What’s the most productive way to facts, numbers, data and research in public speaking? #prodchat
  • Q5: How does emotion contribute/relate to your public speaking skills? #prodchat
  • Q6: What are some tools that you use to make yourself a better public speaker? #prodchat

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