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#ProdChat – 1/28/15 – Email Management

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#ProdChat – 01/28/15 – Email Management

On January 28, 2015, #ProdChat discussed the topic, Email Management. Email is both ubiquitous productivity tool and a challenge to make sure it stays a productivity tool and not a productivity time waster. In this #ProdChat, our goal was to discuss email management techniques to help us all handle email in effective, efficient ways to make it live up to its potential as a great communications tool. Watch the slideshow to see what the productivity enthusiasts on #ProdChat had to say about Email Management. Enjoy!


  • Q1: How many here practice “Inbox Zero”? How many emails do you have in your inboxes right now (notwithstanding)?
  • Q2: How many email accounts do you have, and why? Does having more email accounts help?
  • Q3: How do you structure your email? By folder, label, tag or otherwise?
  • Q4: What is your favorite email management technique to keep you productive? This can include but isn’t limited to checking, reading, and organizing email.
  • Q5: Do you use your email as your to-do list, or do you use a separate task manager? Why?
  • Q5a: Do you see email as “real” work? Why?
  • Q6: What are you favorite tools, apps or services to help with email management?

Next #ProdChat: Feb. 4, ‘15 – “Texting/Messaging App Productivity!” Have a great week, #productivity enthusiasts!

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ProdChat - Email Management - Welcome1 PBG Tweet - The Power of Habit ProdChat - Email Management - Intro ProdChat - Email Management - Q1 ProdChat - Email Management - Q2 ProdChat - Email Management - Q3 ProdChat - Email Management - Q4 ProdChat - Email Management - Q5 ProdChat - Email Management - Q5a ProdChat - Email Management - Q6

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