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#ProdChat – 8/6/14 – Making the Most of Virtual Assistants

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Welcome to the 8/6/14 transcript for #ProdChat, the weekly #productivity conversation! Topic: Making the Most of Virtual Assistants.

Q1: How/where do you find the right virtual assistant (VA)? #prodchat

Q2: What are common tasks that you (would/could) assign to your VA? #prodchat

Q3: What happens when you need to train your VA for a specific project? #prodchat

Q4: Would a VA be helpful when you already have an admin. assistant? Why? #prodchat

Q5: How do you establish good guidelines for project/task completion for your VA? #prodchat

Q6: How do you create accountability and motivation for your VA even though you may never meet him/her? #prodchat

Thanks #productivity enthusiasts for today’s #ProdChat! Join us again each week at the same time (Wednesdays at 8pm Easternn) with a different productivity topic!

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