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#ProdChat – 8/9/17 – Offline Productivity

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#ProdChat – 8/9/17 – Offline Productivity

On August 9, 2017, #ProdChat discussed the topic, Offline Productivity. Watch the slideshow to see what the productivity enthusiasts on #ProdChat had to say about “Offline Productivity.” Enjoy!


  1. How do you define offline #productivity (as opposed to online productivity)?
  2. What are the benefits of going offline to be productive?
  3. What are some of the negative #productivity consequences of being offline?
  4. How often, or for how long, should you disconnect from being online for your own #productivity?
  5. What tools do you use in your offline #productivity?
  6. Are there specific offline productivity methodologies you use or know of?
  7. Will you be making any efforts to go offline for your #productivity after today’s #ProdChat?

Raw transcript:

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rsidneysmith Today on #ProdChat we’re discussing “Offline Productivity.” Join us! #productivity Thu Aug 10 00:00:00 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith Today on #ProdChat we’re discussing “Offline Productivity.” Join us! #productivity Thu Aug 10 00:00:00 +0000 2017
DrFrankBuck Hello Ray. How are you? #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:00:23 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @DrFrankBuck Hiya, Frank! How’re you today? #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:01:15 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks Good evening productive people! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:01:41 +0000 2017
DrFrankBuck @rsidneysmith Doing well. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:01:48 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith So, let’s start! In a tweet, introduce yourself. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:02:01 +0000 2017
DrFrankBuck @ArtGelwicks Hello Art! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:02:07 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @DrFrankBuck Glad to hear! I’m back from a mini-vacation and feeling refreshed and ready to get back to my #productivity! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:02:25 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks Hi @DrFrankBuck! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:02:33 +0000 2017
DrFrankBuck Frank Buck from Alabama. I write and speak on organization and time management. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:02:37 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @ArtGelwicks Heya, Art! How’re you today? How’s Philly treating you? #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:02:39 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks Doing well. Went for a run and now settled in for the chat. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:03:04 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith Intro: I’m Ray S. @Evernote Certified Consultant. Google #SmallBiz Advisor. Lover of all things productivity. Host of #prodchat. Thu Aug 10 00:03:29 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks I’m Art Gelwicks, founder of and honored guest on THe ProductivityCast podcast #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:03:46 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @ArtGelwicks Nice! I went for a run midday and the hills and heat killed me. LOL #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:03:49 +0000 2017
prodchat RT @ArtGelwicks: I’m Art Gelwicks, founder of and honored guest on THe ProductivityCast podcast #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:04:30 +0000 2017
prodchat RT @DrFrankBuck: Frank Buck from Alabama. I write and speak on organization and time management. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:04:42 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith What’s a #productivity success you’ve had this or last week? #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:05:01 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith Please add #prodchat to tweets. Questions will come as Q1, Q2, Q3. Answer A1, A2, A3, for readability! Thu Aug 10 00:06:01 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks Successfully restarted my task management system and got started digital uncluttering. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:06:11 +0000 2017
DrFrankBuck A #productivity success this week is composing blog posts, weekly newspaper column, and audio for the remainder of August. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:06:47 +0000 2017
DrFrankBuck @ArtGelwicks That should pay big dividends. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:07:44 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith #Productivity Success: I managed to stay away from work for most of my mini-vacation. And my team kept the engines humming! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:08:00 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith Let’s talk about being productive using offline tools and strategies! First question out in a couple minutes! (7 Q’… Thu Aug 10 00:08:01 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks @DrFrankBuck That’s the hope! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:08:17 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith Since I was away, all #prodchat questions have the same image today. FYI. 😛 Thu Aug 10 00:09:10 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith Q1: How do you define offline #productivity (as opposed to online productivity)? #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:10:00 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @ArtGelwicks @DrFrankBuck I’ve just create several new zaps in Zapier and hoping they’ll tie together Evernote, Asa… Thu Aug 10 00:10:12 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks A1: Offline is anything that doesn’t require a battery or a power cord. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:10:27 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @ArtGelwicks @DrFrankBuck *created #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:10:32 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks A1a: You could make the argument successfully that offline equals no Internet #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:11:31 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith A1: My “offline” #productivity definition is merely that it’s not connected to the Internet, even temporarily. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:11:31 +0000 2017
DrFrankBuck A1 I would define offline productivity as anything not involving an Internet connection. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:11:47 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @ArtGelwicks Yeah, that’s my definition. As long as I can airplane mode with it, it’s capable of being “offline.” #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:12:04 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith A1: I’m surprised by how many things in my life need to be in airplane mode in order to get to “offline.” #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:12:58 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks The two biggest factors of “digital offline” are operating system and storage #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:13:21 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith A1: I’ve taken to turning off the Internet router (Google OnHub) when at home or work alone to go offline. Easier than device mgmt.#prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:13:58 +0000 2017
OmnipoTony Ah apologies I’m a bit late #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:14:01 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @OmnipoTony Welcome, Tony! Good to have you…you’re right on time! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:14:26 +0000 2017
OmnipoTony A1 I would assume offline productivity would mean being able to stay productive without the internet #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:14:27 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks @OmnipoTony You’re not late. A wizard always arrives exactly when he intends to. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:14:44 +0000 2017
OmnipoTony @ArtGelwicks I will be using that moving forward. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:15:31 +0000 2017
OmnipoTony @rsidneysmith Perfect timing. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:15:47 +0000 2017
nmhouston hey #prodchat, sorry I’m late! Thu Aug 10 00:16:34 +0000 2017
OmnipoTony @rsidneysmith My phone definitely needs to be on airplane mode and sometimes that’s not enough. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:16:41 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith A1: I’d also consider my Kindle as offline #productivity b/c although it has a 3G connection, it’s only to download books to read. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:16:47 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith Q2: What are the benefits of going offline to be productive? #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:17:00 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks Being a Chromebook guy, digital offline can be a bit of a struggle. Switches me back to the Windows 10 laptop. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:17:06 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @nmhouston Hi, Natalie! How’re you? Re: lateness, see @ArtGelwicks’ comment earlier in the #prodchat stream. 😉 Welcome! Thu Aug 10 00:17:16 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks A2: Minimizing distractions and encouraging focus. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:17:26 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks A2: Minimizing distractions and encouraging focus. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:17:26 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks @nmhouston Another wizard arrives! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:17:46 +0000 2017
PG_pmp @rsidneysmith A1: any work performed at shop floor, desk work using paper etc #productivity #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:17:58 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith A2: I really find the benefits of being offline for my own #productivity limited. I focus well, so I don’t find it distracting. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:18:11 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith A2: That said, disconnecting from Internet or power and working analog can be very powerful for focus! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:18:35 +0000 2017
nmhouston @rsidneysmith @ArtGelwicks I’m doing well, am up in Montreal for a conference this week, &amp; had a few minutes while… Thu Aug 10 00:18:37 +0000 2017
DrFrankBuck A2 The biggest benefit that comes to mind is no distractions from online sources such as social media. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:18:49 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @nmhouston @ArtGelwicks My third favorite North Am city! Hope you’re enjoying Montreal and the conference! 😀 #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:19:09 +0000 2017
DrFrankBuck A2 Also limits distractions from email, texts. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:19:40 +0000 2017
PG_pmp @rsidneysmith joining late…hello everyone, trust you all are doing great… #productivity #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:19:41 +0000 2017
nmhouston @rsidneysmith @ArtGelwicks yes, both have been great so far! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:20:03 +0000 2017
OmnipoTony A2 I think it’s important to be offline for productive especially writing. I need a break from social media etc. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:20:23 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @PG_pmp Hiya, Piyush! Glad you could join us! Enjoy the #prodchat! Thu Aug 10 00:21:08 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks A2: I have found that some of the apps for writing that simulate offline work just as well. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:21:41 +0000 2017
BLGBusiness A2 – exactly as @DrFrankBuck says. Way less temptation without a computer or device in your face! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:21:45 +0000 2017
nmhouston A2 for me going offline helps transition into deep work. Once I’m in good flow, doesn’t matter if I’m online or not. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:21:58 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith A2: I do like the idea of notifications being silenced when working on focused, high value work. It’s “semi-offline.” #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:22:33 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @ArtGelwicks Examples? #curious #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:22:49 +0000 2017
PG_pmp @rsidneysmith A2: it depends on kind of task, if performed using any physical tools &amp; being online may distract/delay completion #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:23:20 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith A2: I can also see a benefit of going offline as longer battery life if you’re working remotely, say, at a cafe! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:23:29 +0000 2017
nmhouston A2 offline doesn’t have to mean off-screen, of course — but when it does, I find it refreshing for eyes/nervous system too #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:23:58 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith Q3: What are some of the negative #productivity consequences of being offline? #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:24:01 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks @rsidneysmith Calmly Writer is one of my favorites. Chrome based, clean screen text editor that still has minor online hooks. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:24:12 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @nmhouston Agreed. I do a lot of “offline” capturing using Evernote in handwriting mode (ink notes). #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:24:37 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @ArtGelwicks Nice! I’ll have to check it out! Thanks! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:24:51 +0000 2017
DrFrankBuck A3 You couldn’t participate in #ProdChat! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:25:01 +0000 2017
nmhouston A2 I get a lot of work done on planes because I treat that as an offline space (even if there is wifi service). #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:25:17 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @ArtGelwicks It looks similar to the way that the @WordPress mobile apps create a clean writing experience. Love it! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:25:37 +0000 2017
prodchat RT @DrFrankBuck: A3 You couldn’t participate in #ProdChat! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:25:51 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks A3: Access to additional information is limited and there’s always something else you need #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:25:55 +0000 2017
OmnipoTony @rsidneysmith I also like the the iPhone has the do not disturb option as well. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:25:57 +0000 2017
OmnipoTony A3 you could miss something important but besides that I can’t think of any other negatives #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:26:34 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith A3: If you’re doing research alongside writing, I find it frustrating when offline to access scholarly online resources. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:26:41 +0000 2017
DrFrankBuck A3 Our greatest access to information is present when we’re online. Going offline makes it seem like it’s 1999. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:27:05 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith A3: Also, my dictionary/thesaurus functions are Web-based, so offline means no synonyms or antonyms for my readers! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:27:19 +0000 2017
PG_pmp @rsidneysmith A3: it will totally depend on the kind of work #productivity #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:27:27 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @PG_pmp Sure. So, name a kind of work (say, planning out a project) and then describe the consequence. 🙂 #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:28:16 +0000 2017
nmhouston A3 It can be frustrating to have to set aside things to look up. But there’s utility in that, because then they’re batched #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:28:26 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @DrFrankBuck And not in the fun way that Prince’s song describes 1999. 😉 #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:29:04 +0000 2017
nmhouston @DrFrankBuck “Writing like it’s 1999” #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:29:41 +0000 2017
DrFrankBuck A3 It’s almost as if “offline productivity” is an oxymoron. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:29:41 +0000 2017
prodbookgrp Join us for our next #Productivity Book Group live discussion! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:30:01 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith A3: Most of my apps are Web-based so it really stunts my ability to take a project through its workflow entirely offline. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:30:05 +0000 2017
nmhouston @rsidneysmith @DrFrankBuck ha! you beat me with the Prince reference 😉 #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:30:28 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @DrFrankBuck For a Web-connected world, it does seem like that, doesn’t it? Then I remember, I got through HS witho… Thu Aug 10 00:30:48 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith Q4: How often, or for how long, should you disconnect from being online for your own #productivity? #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:31:00 +0000 2017
nmhouston @rsidneysmith I think the productive value of going offline is for chunks of time — an hour, a couple hours, or an… Thu Aug 10 00:31:58 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks A4: I recommend at least 30 minutes whenever someone hits a roadblock. Turn off, walk away, do something else, then return. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:32:01 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith A4a: When I’m reading, I like to be offline. I’m most productive reading, or listening to audiobooks, offline. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:32:11 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith A4b: So, that’s upwards of two hours per day, minus sleep. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:32:28 +0000 2017
OmnipoTony A4 I usually shoot for 30 minutes because of the @3030App #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:32:51 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith This HuffPo contributor @andrewmerle stays offline for 12 hours per day (8pm-8am): #productivity #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:33:01 +0000 2017
DrFrankBuck A4 I don’t know if that there is ever a need to be offline. More of a personal choice… like camping in the wilderness. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:33:23 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @ArtGelwicks Yes, if you feel stuck, physical activity away from screens is a great productive, behavioral intervention. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:33:52 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @DrFrankBuck Who goes camping in the wilderness?! ;-P #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:34:15 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks I can see staying offline when you don’t need to be online. It’s different for each #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:34:27 +0000 2017
DrFrankBuck @rsidneysmith @DrFrankBuck Exactly. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:34:38 +0000 2017
nmhouston A4 getting offline at least 30-60 min before bed is also really helpful for better sleep if you’re stressed #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:35:59 +0000 2017
prodchat RT @nmhouston: A4 getting offline at least 30-60 min before bed is also really helpful for better sleep if you’re stressed #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:36:13 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks @nmhouston That’s an excellent habit I need to practice more #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:37:41 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @nmhouston Yes! It’s not even so much about blue light / melatonin production; for me, it’s about calming the hyper… Thu Aug 10 00:37:43 +0000 2017
nmhouston A4 going offline is also a way to remind yourself you can choose your inputs &amp; your actions. Media encourages trance. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:37:56 +0000 2017
nmhouston @rsidneysmith yes, me too. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:38:35 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @ArtGelwicks @nmhouston In the article I posted, the writer doesn’t go online for the first &amp; last two waking hours… Thu Aug 10 00:38:47 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks A5: Most of my digital offline work is done in OneNote. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:38:51 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks A5a: The Windows 10 version of #OneNote is great for offline and later syncing online #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:39:38 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @nmhouston And the media makes its money on shocking you. It’s really traumatic/mostly negative, when you think abo… Thu Aug 10 00:39:54 +0000 2017
nmhouston @rsidneysmith @ArtGelwicks I try to keep the first hour offline. Makes for better yoga, meditation, writing. Your m… Thu Aug 10 00:40:16 +0000 2017
PG_pmp @rsidneysmith A4: during works only during any meeting else not, even personal time staying offline has reduced #productivity #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:40:39 +0000 2017
DrFrankBuck A5 @Evernote Word, Excel, PowerPoint. @Toodledo on mobiles devices. That’s about it. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:40:41 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith A5: Kindle, my Moleskine commonplace notebook, Evernote on my tablet with stylus. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:40:48 +0000 2017
OmnipoTony A5 I’ll use the notes app on my phone or tablet but also enjoy usually a good old fashioned notebook. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:40:52 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith A5: Physical books! Oh, and my audiobooks apps! Once downloaded, I’m in airplane mode when listening. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:41:28 +0000 2017
PG_pmp @rsidneysmith doing the surveys online are far less time consuming then doing offline #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:41:50 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @nmhouston @ArtGelwicks It’s not a set time for me, but I avoid email like the plague until I get to the office. Th… Thu Aug 10 00:42:12 +0000 2017
nmhouston what’s Q5? I can’t find it #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:42:15 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @nmhouston Q5: What tools do you use in your offline #productivity? #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:42:40 +0000 2017
nmhouston @rsidneysmith @ArtGelwicks Great example of how setting a boundary/container around email can make a difference! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:43:10 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks A5: I also use my notebooks and pens. My other happy place. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:43:24 +0000 2017
nmhouston A5 my favorite offline tools: notebook and pen and coffee! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:43:53 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @nmhouston @ArtGelwicks Absolutely! It’s a tool like any other, and an appropriate relationship with it is so impor… Thu Aug 10 00:44:25 +0000 2017
PG_pmp @rsidneysmith A5: softwares like MSOffice which necessarily not required to be stay online are widely used #productivity? #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:44:36 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith I would also like to note that today is National Book Lovers Day! So, go to your library and pick up a physical book, eh? 🙂 #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:45:08 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks Chrome has some offline versions of their apps such as GMail and Docs. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:45:21 +0000 2017
nmhouston A5 I also prefer to edit long documents on paper, with colored pen. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:45:53 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith A6: I know there’s Bullet Journal for physical paper notebook fans. @ArtGelwicks knows more about that. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:46:33 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks @rsidneysmith Bullet Journaling is a great option, or if you’re a grid fan my own Planner X system works well too! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:47:42 +0000 2017
DrFrankBuck A6 DayTimer, Franklin, and any other paper planner would fit this category. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:48:32 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith A6a: Several planners out there though: FranklinPlanner, Sketchnoting, Panda Planner, Freedom Journal, Volt, etc. #ProdChat Thu Aug 10 00:49:03 +0000 2017
nmhouston A6: GTD can be equally offline as online. Works better for many people to start with analog. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:49:26 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith A6b: And, many systems are offline friendly: GTD, ZTD, mind-mapping, Cornell note-taking, etc. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:50:14 +0000 2017
nmhouston A6 Kanban was originally offline method, and for visual/kinetic types works well with post-its etc. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:50:25 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @nmhouston Yes, @personalkanban can be completely done offline! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:50:48 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks @rsidneysmith Love mind mapping! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:50:52 +0000 2017
nmhouston A6 really I think most true productivity *methods* work offline. Tools are a different story. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:51:26 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks A7: I’ll be disconnecting 30 minutes before bed. Time to start a good habit. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:52:40 +0000 2017
OmnipoTony A7 for sure, I’m still trying to find the perfect way to do so. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:53:21 +0000 2017
PG_pmp #prodchat unable to see questions today? Thu Aug 10 00:53:31 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith A7: I’m going to start tracking (#quantifiedself) how much time I spend offline. I’m sure I have the data, but now I must review. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:54:10 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @PG_pmp Sorry to hear that, Piyush! I’m seeing them…maybe a Twitter issue this morning for you. 🙁 #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:54:39 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith A7a: I’ll add it to my Weekly Review to see whether more offline time equates to greater #productivity overall. That’d be useful. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:55:23 +0000 2017
nmhouston A7 I’m going to go offline and do some work for the next 2 hours! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:55:41 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith Wow! The hour flew right by me. #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:56:57 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith Have a great rest of your week, all! Thanks! #productivity #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:57:00 +0000 2017
PG_pmp @rsidneysmith A7: yes whenever required or demanded based on assignment…#productivity #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:57:27 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith @nmhouston Have a productive offline evening, Natalie! Thanks for joining us on #prodchat today! 🙂 Thu Aug 10 00:57:35 +0000 2017
ArtGelwicks Stay Productive! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:57:40 +0000 2017
prodchat RT @ArtGelwicks: Stay Productive! #prodchat Thu Aug 10 00:57:47 +0000 2017
nmhouston Thanks @rsidneysmith for hosting another great #prodchat tonight! Great to see you guys @ArtGelwicks @DrFrankBuck @PG_pmp @OmnipoTony Thu Aug 10 00:58:59 +0000 2017
rsidneysmith Thanks, #productivity enthusiasts, for attending #prodchat! See you in next week! @prodchat Thu Aug 10 01:00:01 +0000 2017
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