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#ProdChat – 09/10/14 – Kanban Productivity

#ProdChat – 09/10/14 – Kanban Productivity

On September 10, 2014, #ProdChat discussed the topic, Kanban Productivity. If you haven’t heard about Kanban before (which many of our productivity enthusiasts had not, so you’re not alone!) started as a lean manufacturing process by Taiichi Ohno. It has since branched off into a process management and improvement method used by many in the productivity community (especially in the Lean, Six Sigma and Agile communities). In practical terms, this means with Kanban you create a visual process management system (Kanban means “billboard” in Japanese) for what you’re going to do, what’re your currently working on, and how much you want to do (or what’s been done). There are many tools out there that help manage these kinds of boards and different styles for facilitating the boards. Watch the slideshow to see what the productivity enthusiasts on #ProdChat had to say about Kanban productivity. Enjoy!


Q1: What do you know about kanban process management and improvement method? #prodchat

Q2: What are the benefits of visually representing your workflow? #prodchat

Q3: How do/would you set up boards in your personal kanban? #prodchat

Q4: What are some projects that might lend naturally to kanban? #prodchat

Q5: How can kanban measure your productivity? #prodchat

Q6: How do you limit your “Work in Process” (i.e., work you can handle at one time) using kanban? #prodchat

Thanks #productivity enthusiasts for today’s #ProdChat! Join us again next week! Check out the transcript tomorrow!

Next week (9/17 – 8pm ET) on #ProdChat: “Email Management” with @profkrg! Join us; please spread the word about #ProdChat!

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