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Weekly Review Reminders Program

What is the Weekly Review Reminders Program?

GTDers the world over have had issues with keeping consistent with one of the most powerful aspects of Getting Things Done®, or GTD®, which is the Weekly Review. This was something that I observed for more than a decade in development of Team Accountability Project (which I’m no longer actively managing). For GTD Meetup members not interested in adopting the full Team Accountability Project practice for goal commitment and co-learning GTD skills, the Weekly Review Reminders Program (WRRP) is a great option. WRRP has one main goal, to remind you with a little bit of one-to-one accountability on actually performing your Weekly Review. You are paired with a WRRP accountability partner, and your job is to contact that person at the day/time weekly they agreed to do a Weekly Review.

You will ask two questions of your WRRP accountability partner weekly:

  1. Did you do your Weekly Review last week?
  2. Now is the time you planned to do your Weekly Review. Are you going to do your Weekly Review?

You’re welcome to give a sentiment of good tidings and then continue on with your day. That’s it!

Of course, your WRRP accountability partner will do the same for you. Your WRRP accountability partner will contact you at the day/time weekly you have agreed to do your Weekly Review and ask you the same two questions. Instantly you’ll do more Weekly Reviews because of that tad bit of personal accountability to your WRRP accountability partner!

Joining WRRP

If you want to participate in the Weekly Review Reminders Program (WRRP), that’s simple. You’re already paired up with someone by virtue of being a member of one of the GTD Meetups I organize and facilitate.

The only other thing you need to do to get started is to fill out the form below so that we can get your contact information and contact preferences shared privately between you and your WRRP accountability partner.

Complete this form now and start your WRRP accountability partnership. Please make sure that you click “Submit” to make sure your WRRP submission is successfully transmitted.

If your WRRP accountability partner does not want to be a part of WRRP, we’ll just swap you with another GTD Meetup member.

WRRP Accountability Partners Directory

This is a listing directory of your accountability partner in the Weekly Review Reminder Program. I have placed the name you have listed publicly on Meetup and your Member ID so you can determine if it’s you and you can see who your WRRP accountability partner is. This is a private spreadsheet only viewable from this page. Please review your listing and if you have a WRRP or an accountability partner already, please contact me to let me know so I can update the directory accordingly.


  1. Marsali Marsali

    Thanks for putting this together. I am ready to start.

    • Ray Ray

      I’m happy to be able to help GTDers! I look forward to hearing about your experience with the WRRP!

  2. Sandhya Sandhya

    Looking fwd to pairing with an accountability partner.

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